Sandy Dall'Erba

Associate Professor of Agricultural and Consumer Economics and Urban and Regional Planning; Director, Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL)

PhD, University of Pau (France) 2004

333 Mumford Hall 1301 W. Gregory Dr
Urbana IL 61801

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 217.300.2727

My research interests focus on regional science in general and economic growth, regional development policies, innovation and the economic impact of climate change in particular. In addition to the traditional estimation of the dynamics at work, I study each of these fields by modelling and measuring the spatial interactions that take place between regions. An example would be the presence of spillover effects when regional policies are implemented to correct economic imbalances. In that purpose, I use various tools of regional science but mostly spatial statistics, spatial econometrics and interregional input-output. I have published several articles on these topics and with those tools - some of them co-authored with my past and current graduate students - and I have been awarded various grants by NSF, NASA and USDA for my work. My research always attempts to provide a range of exposure to new curricula materials, methods of conducting interdisciplinary and international collaborative research and guidance in the preparation of material for dissemination in the public policy arena.


Ongoing Research Projects

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Selected Publications

  • Páez A., Le Gallo J., Buliung R., Dall’erba S. (Eds.) (2010), Progress in Spatial Analysis: Methods and Applications, Berlin: Springer-Verlag.
  • Dall’erba S. and Llamosas-Rosas I. (2015), The Impact of Private, Public and Human Capital on the US States Economies: Theory, Extensions and Evidence, in: Karlsson C., Andersson M., Norman T. (Eds.), Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Economic Geography, Edward Elgar, 436-467.
  • Dall’erba S. and Llamosas-Rosas I. (2014), Spatial Policy for Growth and Equity, In Fischer MM, Nijkamp P (Eds) Handbook of Regional Science, Springer Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London, 353-371.
  • Dall’erba S. and Fang F. (2015) A Meta-Analysis of the Estimated Impact of European Union Structural Funds on Regional Growth, Regional Studies, forthcoming.
  • Kang D. and Dall'erba S. (2015) The Role of Federal Funding and Interregional Patent Citation on Knowledge Production across U.S. Counties, International Regional Science Review, forthcoming.
  • Dall’erba S. and Dominguez F. (2015) The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in the South-West United States: the Ricardian Approach Revisited, Spatial Economic Analysis, 10, 4, 1-19.
  • Halper E., Dall'erba S., Bark R., Scott C., Yool S. and (2015) Effects of Irrigated Parks on Outdoor Residential Water Use in a Semi-Arid City, Landscape and Urban Planning, 134, 210-220.
  • Kim T. and Dall'erba S. (2014) Spatio-temporal Association of Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions from Crop Production Across US Counties, Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 183(15), 69-77.
  • More than 40 journal articles, book chapters, editorials and book reviews. See CV for details.

Teaching and Advising

  • Fall: ACE 458-558 - Economic and environmental input-output
  • Spring: ACE 592 - Spatial Econometrics
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