Patricia McKissack

Patricia McKissack Joint MUP/MARCH Candidate

Hometown: Bourbonnais, IL

Where did you go for undergrad and what did you major in?

As an undergrad, I attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and majored in Architectural Studies with a minor in Sociology.

Why did you choose to attend DURP at UIUC?

At UIUC I was able to obtain a Joint Master's in Architecture and Master's in Urban Planning. I became interested in urban planning/design in my final semester at SIU and wished to further my education within the field. Because I still wished to receive a degree in architecture, it was important for me to be able to do both but many of the programs that I had applied to only offered it as a focus or concentration paired with an architectural degree. UIUC allowed me to do both.

What are your career ambitions?

Ultimately, I plan to become a licensed architect in the near future. But, I also intend to work with multiple interdisciplinary teams on larger, urban scaled projects that deal with planning and design. Being able to work at both the micro and macro levels alongside individuals of various disciplines is my goal.

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